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House and Lawn Services

We can scale any service below to fit your needs. We put the word COOPERATIVE in our name for a reason. We work with our clients to meet their needs. We do not take away independence. Instead, we safely foster and encourage our clients to be involved in their own care.

Housekeeping or Housecleaning
Truly keeping a house clean can be hard to maintain and can quickly drain energy. Let us assist by:

Light Housekeeping
Our caregivers are happy to perform light housekeeping duties such as; sweeping, dish washing, light dusting, vacuuming or making a bed. In order to keep our high standard of care, we do limit this to less than 15% of time spent with clients.

Deep Housecleaning
We also provide a service that can truly make your home sparkle. This includes: mopping, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning windows, heavy dusting, etc. We are happy to speak with you about this additional service to help make you feel comfortable in your own home.

Lawn Service
Many people do not think of safety when it comes to lawn maintenance. However, well maintained hedges and yards can go a long way to ensure safety. Let us serve you by maintaining your yard year round.